Innovative Electric

Crazy Cart for kids, teenagers, and adults.

Laser shoot

Embedded laser shooting system to enhance
the gaming experience.

Modular track

Permanent or mobile use

Starting from 200 square meters


Family-friendly, non-sporting, playful, and multi-generational activity.

Define your project

We listen to your project, define your needs according to your ideas, your elements and your budget!

Study our proposal

With our experience and structured network of CrashKart operators, we advise and support you throughout the realization and up to the launch of your business!

Become a link

CrashKart's strength is its structured network: support organisations, banks, insurance companies, suppliers, service providers... you are not a customer, you are the CrashKart network!

Launch the activity

Don't have any doubts about the CrashKart concept, the most difficult thing is to manage the success: we receive requests for animation from the four corners of France and elsewhere... the players love it and want more!

Creating developments

Connected karts mean... connected! As an operator you will have feedback from users, customers and therefore ideas to improve and develop the concept, we listen to you and do it!


9550€ including tax 

9 167 € HT
  • Perfect to start a complementary activity or to start as a farmer
  • 1 circuit outdoor/indoor of 200m²
  • 4 reinforced Crazy Cart kartings
  • 8 additional lithium batteries
  • 8 reinforced tires and 4 pairs of reinforced wheels


22 530€ TTC

18 774 € HT
  • For an operator's activity and to be able to meet all the animation needs of communities and professionals
  • 1 circuit outdoor/indoor of 300m²
  • 6 Crazy Cart XL reinforced kartings
    + 6 reinforced Crazy Cart kartings
    + 4 Crazy Cart shift kartings
  • 16 tires, 8 pairs of reinforced wheels, and 4 pairs of reinforced casters
  • 16 lead-acid batteries 12V + 8 lithium batteries 24V with chargers + 4 lithium batteries 36V with chargers


35 900€ including tax

26 131 € duty free
  • Enjoy a connected mobile concept. You can control the speed of the go-karts and individually monitor the battery status of each kart via WiFi. Optional laser shooting system and ground zone sensor to slow down opponents and earn speed bonuses.
  • 1 circuit outdoor/indoor of 300m²
  • 4 Crazy Cart XL connected karting
    + 4 connected Crazy Cart kartings
  • 16 tyres, 8 wheels and 2 pairs of reinforced castors
  • 2 years of territorial exclusivity included
  • 1 optional laser shooting system
  • 1 optional ground detection system
  • 1 optional game server + ranking system

An innovative concept

A unique concept in connected electric karting! Itinerant or not, connected and equipped with laser shooting
for more interaction between players

 Explanatory videos for CrashKart owners