CRASHKART, a concept and a team!

Passionate about new technologies and the entertainment industry, we are constantly creating and improving our offerings based on direct feedback from our teams in the field

We animate events, company seminars, evenings for leisure centers, days for associations, birthdays, ... with our concept of karts connected on a basis of RAZOR© Crazy Cart and Crazy Cart XL


We improve our Crazy Cart fleet by developing custom and specific parts. Our karts are more resistant, reliable and robust thanks to our reinforced wheels, elastomer bumpers and other parts adjusted for intensive use.

As the operator, we optimize the intensive use of the equipment, the karting and the inflatable circuit.

All modifications and preparation of our karts are done in our workshop in Amiens. Our on-board connected system integrates a laser shot between the karting and allows unlimited fun interactions between the players and the track!

A ranking of the players is connected to the server in WIFI, it displays the scores of the drivers on the screen

The winner of the game is not the best driver, but the player with the most points during the race!

Meet us by appointment at the design office rue des Jacobins in Amiens (80).