200x50 tyre

Compatible with Crazy Cart and Crazy Cart XL

Tyre supplied with inner tube

Installation tip: Remove the wheel by first removing the main axle.

Departure from France, Amiens (80)

Free delivery : 6 working days

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18.00 €

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    To change a worn tire on a crazy kart and a crazy cart XL you must first remove the wheel from the fork with two 16 mm wrenches.
    Once removed, deflate the inner tube then unscrew the different parts of the wheel to access the rim. Remove the two parts of the rim and then remove the used tire. Each new tire is delivered with an inner tube. We advise you to remove the old tube from your used tire and keep it aside for a possible replacement.

    Take the time to check the state of wear of your tire while straightening your electric kart. There is no specific time to change a tire because it all depends on how you use the crazy cart and the ground you drive on.
    Once the tire is well worn, replace it. If possible, keep the old inner tube because it can deteriorate very quickly if the tire is not changed in time.

    During events or for simple outdoor use, remember to regularly check the wear of your tire. Keep extra tires in your stock for possible replacements.
    Our workshop is based in Amiens in the Somme region, so don't hesitate to have your wheel or tire changed on site as soon as you buy online.

    The CrashKart experience is based on fun and playfulness. The razor karts, after some improvements by our teams, perfectly meet our expectations and the needs of our users. Thanks to a patented design of the crazy cart, their composition is studied to benefit the practice of drifting and skidding.
    We find a metal chassis driven by a pneumatic drive wheel for a better grip on the ground. And 2 small rear wheels to rotate the rear of the kart in a fun and pleasant way for the driver of the electric kart.