Pair of reinforced Crazy Cart XL castors

Compatible with Crazy Cart XL
For heavy duty indoor and outdoor use
Installation tip: Apply threadlocker (nut block) to the thread before attaching the wheels to the electric kart.

Departure from France, Amiens (80)

Free delivery: 6 working days

110.00 € 110.0 EUR 110.00 €

110.00 €

    This combination does not exist.

    These castors have been designed and tested by our operating teams. The metal used is of high quality to guarantee a better resistance during karting races.

    They are designed for our Crazy Cart XL and are easy to install. For any maintenance needs, please contact our customer service department. Our workshop, based in Amiens, can take care of the installation of your parts as soon as you buy them. Please provide your CrashKart order number to your contact person.

    The CrashKart team is constantly working to improve the crazy cart xl for an ever more fun and safe experience with durable and affordable equipment. It is as an operator that we have developed these reinforced wheels compatible with the razor XL adult karting. The metal wheel axle is more resistant and better supports shocks and changes of trajectory. 
    The wheels of the kart have a longer life than the original ones because they are more resistant to slipping and wear on abrasive outdoor surfaces.

    After removing the original crazy cart axle, you will need a size 19 wrench and a size 13 wrench to mount the new Crash kart wheels.
    Our wheels are delivered with a screw, three washers and a bracket. For any maintenance help, feel free to come by appointment to our Crashkart workshop in Amiens. 

    The razor karts equipped with our reinforced wheels can run on all flat surfaces except lawns and dirt roads. Wear and tear depends on the type of soil and whether it is in good or poor condition. These wheels will allow you to drive longer with the same wheels and improve the performance of your razor kart.

    Is the product suitable for intensive use?

    As an operator, all our parts and accessories are improved, tested and approved by our field teams in animation. Our crash kart wheels are recommended for any use during indoor or outdoor events. For professionals and individuals, we recommend the purchase of additional wheels in anticipation of the use of your razor kart(s).