RAZOR Crazy Cart

Weight: 26 kg
Dimensions: 93 x 64 x 46 cm
From 9 years old/ maximum: 63 kg
Maximum speed of 19 km/h
Metal frame and steering wheel
Plastic seat and fairings
Lead battery
Pneumatic front wheel
Two driving modes: normal/crazy-cart with 360° drift bar!

Delivery: 6 working days

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499.00 €

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    Crash KART has thought of the youngest with the RAZOR Crazy Cart, an electric kart that is both fun and innovative.

    You can enjoy the thrill of the ride while ensuring your safety. This go-kart has a maximum speed of 19 km/h and is equipped with a drift function thanks to its skid bar. Designed for children from 9 years old and teenagers, it can carry up to 63 kg.

    Electric karting has never been so accessible, you can play anywhere and anytime thanks to a unique steering system and a silent electric motor.

    The Crazy Cart experience combines comfort and fun, your seat is fully adjustable to all shocks and holds you in the corners. You have a clear view of the track and 360° steering control. The accelerator pedal is located on the front right side of the chassis. This 3-wheeled electric karting model guarantees good stability during drifts.

    Its ease of use allows you to be more efficient without any real experience in "classic" karting with combustion engine than in electric karting for leisure or competition. You can use it daily to practice drifting or occasionally to share good times with friends.

    The kart is solid thanks to its metal chassis and steering wheel, which ensures good long-term use and outdoor use.

    The kart's battery is made of lead, which allows it to deliver a high current quickly: rapid acceleration and a feeling of speed are guaranteed.

    Thanks to its front drive wheel and 2 rear wheels, the skidding experience is even more intense and immersive!

    What's more, its electric drive reduces noise and carbon free to respect the environment in which you operate.

    The seat is comfortable, allowing you to play intensely with your Crazy Cart indoors or outdoors.
    The patented drift system allows you to make your best drifts by varying the angle of the wheels and allows you to make 360° turns without losing control of the vehicle.

    This activity ensures a good adrenaline rush and total immersion in the game!

    We have carried out numerous events in different cities (Saint-Quentin, Amiens, Paris, Nantes, Lille, Saint-Etienne, Lyon, Marseille,... ) on different types of indoor and outdoor floors.

    After the return of our teams, whether under the sun of Reunion Island or the rain of Dunkirk, the original lead batteries have an autonomy of 45 minutes / 1 hour. For prolonged or professional use, we recommend our lithium batteries.
    These batteries have been tested and approved by our long-distance drifters!

    The chassis is made of metal in order to have a solid kart that will last in time. However, for multi-person or professional use, we recommend the application of rubber bumpers to absorb shocks between players, but also collisions on static elements like... a wall

    The electric CrazyCart ensures perfect stability thanks to the two rear wheels which guarantee a good balance during drifts and skids.

    We recommend that you equip yourself with 1 or 2 additional tyres in case of a puncture or because of rubber wear. You can order these products individually from our online shop.

    The acceleration of the electric motor and the ground clearance provide a good feeling of speed! Its composition on 2 wheels at the back and 1 drive wheel at the front favours the practice of drifting and fun skids.

    It is necessary to dissociate electric karting from thermal karting. Indeed, the electric kart on 3 wheels is eco-friendly: no noise pollution or smell of gas emissions. Equipped with an electric motor, it avoids oil or rubber marks on the ground. Maintenance is faster, easier and less expensive than standard thermal go-karts.

    Both my captain! You can play indoors or outdoors.

    We recommend a flat and not very abrasive outdoor terrain to avoid damage to the wheels and tyres and to fully enjoy the 3 wheel electric karting experience.

    Indoors, the Crazy Cart does not damage the terrain as it does not leave any oil or petrol marks. Moreover, there is little noise pollution, which leaves you free to drift wherever you want with your Crazy Cart.

    Equipped with a lithium battery, the reinforced RAZOR Crazy Cart has a longer autonomy: 1h30 / 2 hours in operation and during fun events.

    CrashKart reinforced Crazy Cart is more resistant to shocks. The elastomer rubber bumper limits the bending of the chassis during collisions on the terrain and softens the unpleasant shocks for the driver.

    The wheels at the rear are replaced by more resistant models as well as their rotation axes which are more solid against shocks and more adapted to outdoor grounds and circuits.

    The reinforces Crazy Kart are suitable for adults with the XL model as well as for children and teenagers.
    Find our CrashKart models in our online shop.

    For professional or regular use, we recommend our reinforced Crazy Cart, studied and improved by our teams since 2018.

    Our role as operator and event service provider allows us to quickly solve certain wear and tear problems (linked to the intense and prolonged use of our electric karts during indoor or outdoor events and animations) by automatically forwarding them to our maintenance teams, to design, transform, improve and equip the Crazy Cart and Crazy Cart XL