RAZOR Crazy Cart XL

Weight : 58 kg
Dimensions: 116.5 x 83 x 66.5 cm
From 16 years old / maximums 109 kg
Maximum speed of 25 km/h
Metal frame and steering wheel
Plastic seat and fairings
Lead battery
Pneumatic front wheel
Two driving modes: standard/Crazy cart with drift bar for 360 degree skids!

Delivery: 6 working days

980.00 € 980.0 EUR 980.00 €

980.00 €

    This combination does not exist.

    Evolving, innovative, playful, tactical, the qualities of karting are no longer to be demonstrated. Our users are our best advertisement.
    With our RAZOR Crazy Cart, enjoy a unique experience that combines fun and driving! This kart is equipped with a drift function that will allow you to skid in complete safety. It is suitable for all adults from 16 years old and can support up to 109 kg.

    No need to travel to a circuit, you can now have fun near your home.
    It has a comfortable seat with an adapted height to have a perfect visibility on your trajectory. This kart has a drive wheel that can be operated with the accelerator pedal to drift up to 360 degrees without losing total control of the electric vehicle.

    This activity is perfect for both touring and permanent use on a karting circuit.
    The kart is equipped with a lead battery to power the electric motor. The main advantage of these batteries is that they can provide a high current over a short period of time, which is more efficient than an internal combustion engine when accelerating.

    There is no noise pollution when using the karts outdoors or indoors because the electric motor is almost silent. Perfect for having fun without annoying your neighbours.
    The metal chassis and steering wheel guarantee the solidity of the machine, which ensures that the kart will remain in good working order for a long time.

    The pneumatic front wheel absorbs shocks well and dampens clashes. You can ride outdoors on tarmac and concrete, for example. This tyre provides a comfortable grip on the ground, which makes riding easier and more fun.
    Moreover, this cart does not emit any gas, being electric, it respects the environment in which you choose to play.

    The patented drift system allows you to vary the driving angle thanks to the pivoting rear wheels. This 3-wheel go-kart skids forwards, backwards, sideways, diagonally and 360 degrees.

    Sensation and adrenaline rush guaranteed with the Crazy Cart razor XL from the CrashKart shop.

    How long does the original RAZOR Crazy Cart XL last?

    At Crash Kart, we are both resellers and operators of our fun and original solutions.
    On our events in Paris or Bordeaux, with intensive use, the original lead batteries have a capacity of about 45 min / 1 hour and recharge in 9 hours
    With our improvement, tested and approved by our users, we recommend a  lithium battery directly on sale in our shop.

    The RAZOR Crazy Cart XL is particularly durable due to its metal frame which serves as a solid skeleton.
    Its front drive wheel is accompanied by its two rear wheels to guarantee perfect stability with a 3-wheel kart.

    We advise you to order 1 or 2 tyres with an inner tube in case of a puncture.
    For any professional use of go-karts, we recommend to equip your Crazy Cart XL with bumpers and bumpers made of rubber, specifically developed and adapted by our CrashKart teams

    You can find these products individually in our shop!

    Driving with a 3-wheel cart gives a feeling of stability while having the possibility to drift freely. An alliance between fun and safety, 3-wheel karting has nothing to do with "classic" thermal or electric karting.
    Once the drift bar is activated, the rear wheels rise and the kart drifts.

    The drive wheel at the front allows you to control your skidding over the desired distance while playing with the drift bar to vary the sliding sensation.

    Thermal karting generates a lot of pollution, odours and requires a more expensive installation. The electric kart on 3 wheels is an ideal alternative to reduce maintenance time while complying with current environmental constraints.

    You can play both indoor and outdoor. We recommend that you pay particular attention to the terrain you play on, e.g. outdoors: opt for flat, low-abrasion surfaces.
    We recommend that you wear a helmet for added safety when using the electric kart.

    When used indoors, the Crazy Cart does not damage the environment. No oil traces, no petrol traces, no rubber traces on the ground contrary to thermal karting and above all... no noise! No noise emission, quiet for the neighbourhood :)

    Thanks to its lithium battery and protections, the reinforced Crazy Cart XL is even stronger and more resistant. It is equipped with a rubber bumper to reduce the impact of collisions between drivers.

    The Crazy Cart XL is suitable for adults who enjoy sliding sports and want a more durable kart that can withstand more regular and intensive use.

    These reinforced karts guarantee a safer use than the standard Crazy Kart XL.

    For more frequent or professional use, choose our reinforced Crazy Cart .