Top 5 animations for store opening
How to promote your new business/activity?

After having studied the feasibility of the project, during a market study and thanks to a forecast, that's it, the store or the store will open its doors. Even if the entrepreneur is sure of his success, he must put all the chances on his side by attracting the most people possible. 

If some will remain intentional and prospective customers, others will undoubtedly become loyal customers. For this, it is impossible to do without an animation. But which ones are the most successful?

The best animations for the
opening of a store

New technologies are of course very popular and it would be a shame to miss out on them. That's why some companies, during the opening of a store, rely on mapping to attract curiosity. One or more products are projected in 3D. However, the attention falls back relatively quickly, especially since it is not interactive.

Still in the same state of mind, one can appreciate virtual reality. But it is obvious that it does not lend itself to many activities, which restricts their field of action.

People with a complex will not appreciate the photocall which consists in proposing a personalized photo of their coming and to send them, with the aim of recovering, by this way, personal data. Some people will play the game, but others will be obtuse to the request. 
Depending on the activity, you can also organize a workshop (cooking, wine-making, sewing initiation...). This requires a lot of organization, not to mention the fact that you have to go from one to the other to make each person feel unique, which is difficult. So opening a store with an animation is not that simple. 

How do you get people to have fun, have a good time together, while conveying certain values? The choice seems limited. If you don't know about connected karting, of course.

What is connected karting and
what are its advantages?

A clever mix of karting and laser game, the connected karting takes its name from the fact that all the vehicles are connected to each other and to a display panel that is hung above the track. The track is made up of inflatable modules that can be assembled as desired to create more or less tight turns.

On board the vehicles, young and old (children can participate from 9 years old, in smaller karts), have the objective of crossing the finish line having accumulated the greatest number of points. 
To do this, they must drive their karts along the circuit, shooting with the on-board laser at other vehicles that will lose points and speed. The karts can turn 360 degrees, which makes the game more complex: everyone can turn around to shoot and hit targets before driving away with several points.

The go-karts run on electricity. Perfect for the planet, but also to avoid the seasonality given sometimes of an activity. If the connected karting can be considered outdoors in good weather, depending on when the store opens, you can also play indoors, since there is no gas emission.

Massively adopted by individuals during family events, by companies, in seminars, for the complexity of the game, bringing the participants to reveal their tactical side, the connected karting is an excellent playful animation, which is addressed to all, without exception.
Having a great time, under the sign of adrenaline and victory will be unconsciously associated with the store: an unexpected and welcome good publicity. 

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