Which animations for the launch of a product?
How to launch a product?

According to some Top 10, by renting certain animations, the professional is sure to make a hit and to highlight his new product. Is it really as simple as it seems?

Product: put it forward with the right animation

Not all companies have enough notoriety for the release of a new product to be eagerly awaited by customers. It is necessary to communicate and to do it thanks to an animation which will attract people is undoubtedly the best way to do it. But the choice of this game is not trivial.

It is necessary that instinctively, by thinking of the structure, the customers associate this good moment with the product and thus, want to come back to buy others afterwards. It's easy to see how important the lever is psychologically.

On-site workshops, ice sculptures, new technologies (virtual or augmented reality headsets, holograms...): there are certainly many ways to attract customers, prospects or even intentionalists. But are we sure of their effectiveness?

Between the people who will not pay attention to the work, those who do not want to have their picture taken during a photo-call; finding it too kitsch or not liking the image and the others who are resistant to the novelty, it is easy to spend a significant amount of money for a result below expectations.

According to some surveys, the French appreciate animations where interactivity is present, but also those where they will have a good time. Coming sometimes with their families, they do not want to be left out or that their children do not have fun. Reconciling these different points seems impossible. Connected karting, however, ticks all the boxes to address these different issues.

Connected go-kart: why this animation is so appealing

It doesn't matter when the animation takes place, which is obviously a criterion of choice compared to others, because the karts here run on electric batteries. The fact that there is no gas makes it an activity to be practiced outdoors or indoors; the only thing that is needed is enough space to install a circuit worthy of the name. 
Made with inflatable modules, the person who rents the animation can choose to make a circuit in the round, but it is always more fun to set up curves.

The more ecological electric operation is also a strong image to communicate. The participants from 9 years old (smaller karts, with speed to be limited if necessary), get on board the karts to discover that they all have a laser.
Thanks to it, they will be able to shoot the other vehicles. This is the only way to claim victory, because the person with the most points can cross the finish line first.
On the way, of course, he or she will lose points since everyone has the same goal. As soon as a vehicle is hit, it loses not only points but also speed, which is a major drawback that needs to be addressed. On the board above the circuit, this disadvantage is displayed and you have to react quickly.

The vehicles can turn around 360°, which makes it easier for skilled drivers to find their target, and will undoubtedly make those who have difficulty moving their vehicle through the circuit laugh. 
Driving, skill, tacticity, good for the planet and ignoring the seasons, connected karting has found its place in the hearts of individuals for family events, but also in the professional sphere. A key activity for product launches, it is also appreciated during company seminars.

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