The CrashKart Shop 

We're not Amazon, FNAC, Darty or any of the other big names. Here we are more expensive than the big chains. Here we don't have all the spare parts displayed on the shop but we can sell them to you. Here we are passionate about Crazy Cart, drifting and sensational experiences. Here we know all the machines we sell by heart, you can contact us for any part or screw on your machine, we know exactly where it is, what it's for and why we replaced it (or not). Here we provide you with advice as an operator, a user of these machines in intensive conditions.

Here and very often you contact us, we have a long discussion so that in the end you don't spend 1€ but in the end you get an answer as to why your machine is no longer working.

This is CrashKart

‼️Online store activity will be reduced (stocks, orders and shipments) between July 15 and August 15, 2024 ‼️

😎 We will return to normal, in great shape (and well tanned) from August 19! 😎


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