Karting Electrique innovant

Fun and family entertainment in your city, accessible to the very young, medium and old!

Inflatable circuit, secure, modular and compatible with all flat surfaces outdoors or indoors.

3 models of electric karts: adult, teenager and child

Services on request: delivery, installation, animation, materials and track accessories

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Enhanced Crazy Cart

Since 2019 we imagine and design playful animations of electric karts always more fun and innovative.

The idea is to be able to create experiences accessible to all thanks to our removable inflatable circuit system that is easy to transport and install.

Outdoor or indoor, we step in in all France during all the year.


Animation, rental, sales

Connected electric karting & accessories

Concept imagined, designed and manufactured
in France.

The Karting sensations 
360° Drift
Connected Karting
The excitement of the laser shot


 From 750 €

The reinforced karting

Crazy Cart model with drift mode

Frame protection with soft rubber bumper

Reinforcement of wheel axles and fixings

New wheels for outdoor drifting

Lithim battery

More infos

Possibility of delivery


From 400 €

The service

 Package with 1 animator

 Installation of the track directly on the place of the animation

 Supply of equipment (karts, helmets, etc...)

Technical (screen for score display)

More infos

Possibility of circuit installation : indoors / outdoors

Purchase concept

From 9550 €

The CrashKart track

Launch package

Inflatable circuit + 4 karts model Crazy Cart reinforced

Upgradable with options (floor areas, higher performance batteries, WIFI box, etc...)

Replacement accessories and batteries
More infos

Territorial exclusivity for 2 years included

Electric Karting 3 wheels, itinerant circuit, playful innovations :

CrashKart is an innovative concept of electric karting that allows, during the games, the players to interact with each other thanks to an integrated laser shooting system.

It is from the Crazy Cart and Crazy Cart XL that our teams have developed our connected karting concept. The objective is to combine the fun of drifting thanks to the 3-wheel karting and the intergenerational challenge.

It's not the fastest who wins, that's the best driver.
In addition to racing and drifting, our game concept enriches the game with a scoring system using laser shooting between players. With this laser shot integrated into the karting, you have to dodge the shots while drifting, aim and score points and drive at full speed!

Activity accessible from 8 years old. Parents, youth and children can play together. A screen at the edge of each circuit displays the points and the winner of the race.

Each game takes 5 minutes and an animator is present on the circuit to accompany the players during the first lap. Before each electric kart race, each player is equipped with a safety helmet and receives instructions.

Our connected karting system also allows, via our server, to control the karts. The activation of the karts and the stopping of the game are done remotely. A connected operating concept that allows the animators to be much more efficient when there is a lot of traffic on the circuit but also to be informed when a battery is about to run out.

Our events take place outdoors on parking, squares and any other type of flat ground.
Our improvements, made thanks to the feedback of our operators and the reception of our technicians, allow us to realize indoor services with an adapted ground covering but also outdoor with better quality material: reinforced wheels, bumpers and more powerful batteries.

An electric kart that is more fun and entertaining thanks to the integrated innovations. Shoot with the laser to gain boosts and do crazy accelerations! But be careful, avoid the shots towards you if you don't want to have a speed penalty and be slowed down on the track.

Thanks to our itinerant circuit concept, our track is entirely inflatable and can therefore be adapted to any location. Ideal to animate your events or to entertain your employees, friends and inhabitants.

Each of our products (circuit, karting, accessories, ..) are installed, tested and approved by our teams. We strive to design and manufacture our improvements and electric karting track in France and with partners close to our workshop based in Amiens (80).

CrashKart is a network of operators who are constantly improving the Crazy Cart: reinforcing the chassis, improving the wheels, integrating innovative technologies, ... . But it is also a dealer of fun equipment to offer you professional quality products thanks to our technicians who are in direct contact with our teams on the ground.

CrashKart, a connected company

Always with good company!

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